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Equipped Territorial Park "Fiume Fiumetto"

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Equipped Territorial Park "Fiume Fiumetto"

Established in 1990 and managed by the Town Council of Colledara, the Park extends over 80 hectares (around 4 km.) among the streams of Sazza and the St. Paul ditch.

The fauna is primarily made up of Birds: The Green Woodpecker, the Ash Heron, the Kingfisher, the Spider Catcher, etc.The Park offers a splendid match of nature, art and architecture. Inside, in fact, is the enchanting medieval centre of  Castiglione della Valle, one of the most suggestive suburbs in the Teramana province. Its fame is tied to tradition according to which Lucrezia Borgia stayed during her escape from her brother Caesare.

Returning to the nature: along its course the river Sazza and other streams, create small waterfalls, while in some twists and turns numerous marshes rich in fragmiteti and tifeti organisms are formed. Among the vegetable species, in the areas where they grow are willows and poplars, while estranging themselves from the river more kinds of thermophiles are met by the oak, the turkey oak, the orniello and the black hornbeam. Another kind of wood present is the querco-carpineto with white carpino and farnia, this last of glacial origin.

Also very rich the fauna, begining with the green woodpecker, the blue tit, the dark titmouse, the titmouse and the barn owl; while among the mammals, the beech marten and the skunk are noted.

  • The Botanical path

it stretches along the track of the “ancient mill path”. It's a didactic path easaly walkable, equipped with botanical labels and four theme boards relating to the different habitats (the vegetation at the wood's border, the fluvial vegatation, the willow plantation and the wood with falling leaves).

  • The Visitor's Centre

opened in 2005, the centre serves as a reception and information point and as a didactic laboratory (CEA). It is located at a short distance from Castiglione della Valle and it has several rooms in which there are the herbarium containing all the ligneous species in the Reserve, the insectarium, the xiloteca and theme board illustrating the fauna of the river Fiumetto.

The centre which also serves as a refreshment area with a little kitchen, hosts all year round meetings, exhibitions and theme days.

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