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The Good Hiker's manual

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Useful information about going in the mountains


The 10 golden rules for any hiker:

  1. The mountain must never be underestimated. Always do things you know are within your ability. Exaggeration can endanger your life, those of your friends and of the rescue personnel.

  2. In the Park it is forbidden to pick up any type of flower or berry. Doing so you may incur in a fine.

  3. Respect where you are by not making loud noises or yelling.

  4. Don't litter. Bring your garbage back with you.

  5. Always inform someone of your plans.

  6. Travel only on the marked paths, equipped with the appropriate equipment.

  7. Face every excursion with the right equipment: hiking shoes, wind jacket, long pants, sunglasses, gloves, a hat (even in summer) and a change of clothes.

  8. Also, in your backpack always bring a map, a compass, an altimeter, a flashlight and a First Aid kit.

  9. Don't forget, for proper nutrition, to always bring food and water

  10. If you are not expert hikers and do not know our mountains at all refer to the alpine and hiking guides.

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