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The signs along the Gran Sasso paths are made up of signposts and horizontal markings. The wooden signs, 55 x 15 cm in size, are attached to posts about 2 meters high. On the sign there is the name and the altitude of the location, the name of the path, the time to reach the closer destination, the intermediate and the itinerary'’ destination.

You can find the horizontal markings on rocks and tree trunks. The RED – WHITE – RED markings (8 x 15 cm) with the number of the path in black written on the colours is used at path intersections and other areas where it’s important to confirm the right direction of the numbered path.


The WHITE – RED markings (8 x 15 cm) are used to indicated the continuity of the path and are found near intersections and every 5-10 minutes of walking time if the path is easily visible, otherwise they are usually closer.


Paths that are marked with RED – WHITE circles usually bring the hiker to a peak and therefore may present difficulties that can only be faced by experts. The terrain is usually made up of steep or slippery cliffs, gravel, brief tracts of snow, stairs and fixed ropes. They require a general mountain expertise, a good knowledge of the mountain environment and adequate equipment (harnesses, helmets, climbing equipment, etc.).


On the paths it is not unusual to encounter the old CAI signs and signals (red – yellow – red flags; red – yellow circles). The same goes for the CAI map of the Gran Sasso that hasn’t yet been updated with the new symbols.

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