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S. Maria di Propezzano

Abbey of Saint Mary of Propezzano

Morro d'Oro - 64020

The building compound of Saint Mary of Propezzano was erected on the very spot where, according to the tradition, the Madonna appeared in 715. Since then and ...

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XII cent (2)

La facciata di Piazza Martiri

St Berardís Church

Teramo - 64100

The  Cathedral of Teramo (dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) – also known as the ‘Duomo’ – begun in 1158 with Bishop Guido ...

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Church of Madonna of Mercy

Teramo - 64100

The church already existing in 1153 used to be a monastery of Benedictine Sisters known as Church of St Angelo of the Women. In 1448, Pope Eugenio IV gave ...

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XV cent (2)

Church of St John the Baptist

Campli - 64012

This is a well-known Gothic-style church of the 15 th century, erected just outside Campliís historic centre, close to the fourteenth- century Porta Angioina, ...

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La Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli

Church of St Mary of the Angels

Bisenti - 64033

The Parish of St Mary of the Angels is in Vittorio Emanuele Square, right in the historic centre of the village. According to the legend, the church was founded ...

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