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Churches by period [ XVIII cent ]style

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Other (1)

La Scala Santa

Shrine of Holy Stairs – Campli

Campli - 64012

In 1772, Pope Clement XIV acknowledged to the town of Campli the supreme ownership of the Holy Stairs. The Holy Stairs is by St Paul’s Church and made of 28 ...

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Neoclassical (1)

St Reparata’s Church

Atri - 64032

St Reparata’s Church is a beautiful example of neoclassic-style in architecture. It was dedicated to the patroness saint and attached to the cathedral , on the ...

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Renaissance style (1)

Statua ligena (XIII secolo)

Church of St John the Baptist

Castelli - 64041

The Parish of Saint John the Baptist of the 17 th century is located in the main square of the village. A Renaissance portal stands out from the façade. The ...

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