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At the foot of the Gran Sasso, immersed into the green hilly inland of Teramo, Tossicia rises on top of a spur towering over two streams.

Its origins are hard to distinguish from local legends. Before becoming the capital of the Valle Siciliana, thus being involved in its fortunes, it stayed for a long time a fief under the jurisdiction of the Orsini.

Many are the places and monuments worth visiting. The Church of S.Antonio Abate is remarkable  with its imposing Gothic portal (1471) executed by Andrea Lombardo and a crucifix, perhaps of Spanish origins. The Parich Church dell'Assunta (Santa Sinforosa) has small portals by Nicola da Penne (15th century) and many precious art works, among which a 15th-century statue of the Madonna della Provvidenza and wooden Baroque altars and Renaissance furniture.

Inside the village, in addition to the mediaeval buildings with mullioned windows and the Orsini family coat of arms, worth mentioning are the gracious Renaissance Cona di Santa Teresa and the  stately Palazzo marchesale, now restored and seat of the city hall.  

The Museo della cultura materiale delle genti del Gran Sasso, is set up inside the Palazzo marchesale. Inside the works of Annunziata Scipione, are permanently exposed. This naïve painter has given life to a lively fresco of the collective imagination of the  people of Tossicia and of its daily culture.

In addition to these historical and naturalistic assets, Tossicia also boasts the Museo delle techniche artigiane, the Mostra permanente sulla Storia dal Fascismo alla Resistenza and an important equestrian centre. The latter is still under construction and will include an indoor manège ("La Sella del Gigante") , a camp site for campers and tents, soccer and tennis fields and trails equipped for riding through the park.

An other  interesting place to visit is the nearby Azzinano, became famous in Italy for the naive  murals (o wall paintings) that, with lively colours, paint the traditional games of the past on the walls of the houses.


Many cultural and folk events take place in Tossicia and its surroundings each year; starting with the evocative historical commemoration “I Mendoza nella Valle Siciliana” and ending with the great S.Antonio bonfires that every 17th of January illuminate Tossicia and Villa Alzano. Gourmets shouldn't miss the beans and ribs festival, “la Sagra del fagiolo e della costatella” that takes place each year, in July in Tossicia, the “Sagra del Timballo” of Aquilano and the “Sagra della bruschetta” in Tozzanella.

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