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Tortoreto is a terrace looking on the Adriatic sea; many define it as being “aristocratic and elegant” because of the sobriety of the street furniture and the elegance of the numerous villas in art nouveau style that stand along the seafront. In addition to that, through the years, the development of Tortoreto has always been respectful of the environment and nature. For this constant commitment to nature it has been awarded the prestigious “Bandiera Blu” ever since 1992.

These are all assets that have made of Tortoreto a successful sea resort: three kilometres long large and well kept beaches, a shady promenade counting almost three thousand palm and pine trees, cycling lanes that follow the entire seashore, excellent quality of the accommodation complexes and finally several cultural and sport events that enliven the summer season.

After having left behind the rests of an ancient Roman Villa dating from the 2nd Century B.C, a charming road, running through hilly vineyards and olive groves, will take you to the mediaeval hamlet of Tortoreto Alto.

The village was founded in Roman Ages (although the very first settlements go back to prehistoric times), when the population migrated towards the top of the surrounding hills to defend itself against possible outside attacks. The historical centre has kept the typical structure of a fortified town and a net of narrow squares and streets, arches and towers, characterised by warm brick colours.

Here you will find the 18th-century Palazzo Comunale, the Ponte, a bridge built on top of the vaults of the ancient Castle of Tortoreto and the stately bell tower, Torre dell'Orologio. Its base made of stones and bricks, dates back to the foundation of the village (600) while the central section goes back to the Middle Ages and the top to 1881.

The places of worship are also many: the 17th-century Church of Sant'Agostino, the Parish Church of San Nicola, built in the year 1000 and restructured in 1534 and the Church della Misericordia, with Renaissance frescos executed by Giacomo Bonfini di Patrigone, former student of the most famous Perugino.

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