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Torricella Sicura

Torricella Sicura, rises at the foot of the Monti della Laga, and owes its name to an ancient castle built on top of a hill still called “lu castill”.

Its origins go back to the Italic and Roman Ages, as suggest recently excavated remains of pre-Roman walls, of a mysterious temple dedicated to the “”unknown God” and a precious “treasure of coins” dating back to sometime between the 2nd and the 3rd centuries B.C. During Middle Ages the territory fell under the jurisdiction of the Dukedom di Spoleto; later it was populated by brigands and Bourbon partisans.

A visit to the Parish Church of San Paolo is certainly worthwhile; it has an interesting brick façade and a splendid painting from the polish painter Sebastiano Majewski (17th century). The Church of San Bartolomeo, in Villa Popolo, boasts a marvellous wooden ceiling, divided into panels, each one decorated with various religious subjects.

The small hamlets in the surroundings of Torricella Sicura are also quite interesting. In Magliano, near the ancient Church of San Lorenzo, still stand the rests of the Muraglia dei Saracini (the Saracens wall) which, according to the legend would have been built by gigantic men that would than have been wiped out despite their great size.

In Ioanella, the Churches of Santa Barbara and of Santa Maria Assunta stand out. The latter, already mentioned in the year 1289, is extremely rich of artefacts dating from the 17th and the 18th centuries, and paintings by Vincenzo Baldati.

Finally the Church of San Pietro di Azzano is of great architectonic interest, once a Benedictine settlement it has a remarkable Roman style portal.

At Christmas time, in Torricella, the by now most important ethnographic crib of Abruzzo is set up every year. It is like an unexpected time machine that takes tourists and visitors back in time to discover and experience the atmospheres, the crafts and the antique customs of the “Laga people”. 

This is a place rich in history and folklore, Torricella is also the right destination for those who wish to taste the flavours of the genuine gastronomy of Teramo, by attending the many wine and gastronomy festivals, that take place every year during summer time: la sagra del minestrone alla torricellese (typical minestrone from Torricella), la Sagra del cinghiale e del Tartufo (boar and truffle festival) and la Sagra del formaggio fritto (fired cheese festival).


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