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Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata

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Rising on top of the hills surrounding the Vibrata valley, this town has ancient origins going back to the late Paleolithic age. After the incursions of Barbarians, the Benedictines founded an abbey and the actual built-up area thus reintroducing peace and order in an area signed by great disturbances.

A visit to the church of Sant'Egidio Abate (12th century) is worthwhile. It was first founded as a monastic priorship  of the Benedictine abbey of Monte Santo. It has three naves with round apses and was probably built on a primitive 8th -century church.

By now deserted, the small mediaeval hamlet of Faraone is also quite evocative; remains of the defensive walls and of the entry gate of the ancient fortified mediaeval town have been preserved.

Today, thanks to its important industrial district, Sant'Egidio represents one of the driving municipalities of the economic and production development of the Province of Teramo.

Teramo Turismo

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