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Penna Sant Andrea

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"Lu Sand'Andonje"
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To visit the small town of Penna Sant'Andrea means first of all getting absorbed by the sounds, colours and involving rhythms of the Teramo folklore that expresses itself in the nowadays most famous tradition of the “Laccio d'Amore”, an ancient propitiatory wedding dance.

Lying down in the Vomano valley, it was once a Sabine settlement and part of the Roman colony of Hatria, as the rests of a necropolis and of a stela bearing paleo-Sabellian inscriptions suggest. It was than fief of the Acquaviva for a long period during the Middle Ages and has preserved up to today the typical structure of fortified towns.

Be sure to visit the 16th-century Parish church of Santa Maria del Soccorso (restored in 1700). Inside many pieces of furniture originally from the chiesa sconsacrata di S.Giusta are conserved, in particular an altar piece dating from 1616 and several ex-votos dedicated to the Saint. In addition to the Church of the Trinità and the Gothic Church of Santa Maria de Podio, the Fontevecchia (Fonte de lu Carpine) is worth mentioning; it probably dates back to the 15th-century and has been recently restored.

In Pilone, near Penna Sant'Andrea,  the uncontaminated nature is the main protagonist thanks to the municipal wood of Castel Cerreto, today a Controlled Regional Nature Reserve. It stretches over 70 hectares; the environment has remained wild and intact and hosts a great variety of secular trees and day and night birds of prey.

Teramo Turismo

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