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The little mountain town of Crognaleto lies in the heart of the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, surrounded by luxuriant woods, crystal clear streams and wonderful paths running through the harmonious and quiet Monti della Laga.

Among the many sites to discover, the little Church of the Madonna della Tibia (17th century) stands out from the top of a spur looking to the peaks of the Gran Sasso and over the entire territory of the Province.

In the village of Cervaro stands an old mill from the 16th century and in Frattoli it is possible to visit the parish Church of San Giovanni Battista and admire its baroque wooden artefacts.

The Church of Madonna di Loreto in Poggio Umbricchio is also very interesting and conserves statues and baroque altars, a valuable recently restored wooden coffered ceiling from 1600 as well as frescos representing two holy bishops (16th century) and San Carlo Borromeo (17th century). In the inside the stoup was made out of an ancient Roman military Milestone which was taken from a road that had in time been restored by the Emperors Valentiniano, Valente and Graziano.

These are sites rich in charm, traditions and tales coming from remote times, that have preserved up to today their fascination. According to the legend, in San Giorgio, fairies dance at night in an area called the “area delle schiazze” while in Rocca Roseto stands a well preserved ancient military fort-observatory used up to recent times and bound to many stories about brigands, treasures and secret passageways.


Teramo Turismo

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