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Castilenti stands in the valley of the Fino river at the utmost ends of the Province. The excavation in “Casabianca” of an  ancient necropolis dating back to the 5th-6th centuries and the rests of a fortified centre on top of Colle Silvino also known as “the Fortress”, testify that the presence of men on this territory goes back to Iron Age.

During Middle Ages the territory was contended by the local emerging noble houses until it finally became dominion of the marquis of “De Sterlich”, who than built a palace including the rests of ancient fortified construction.

Many are the sites worth visiting, but among all the ancient convent of Monte Uliveto and the adjoining Church of Santa Maria dating back to 1600, certainly stand out. The Church has a beautiful painted wooden ceiling and frescos from the painter Sebastiano Majewsky on the walls. Outside stands an atrium formed by three large round arches and a decorated portal bearing a lunette with fresco.

A series of large bronze panels compose a suggestive “Via Crucis” along the little road leading to the Church.

Teramo Turismo

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