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Castiglione Messer Raimondo


Cradled on a hillside in the Fino valley, the mediaeval village of Castiglione Messer Raimondo rises and top of an ancient Vestine and later Roman settlement.

Many are the beautiful churches present on this territory: the Parish Church of San Donato with its Latin cross structure, baroque furniture and altars, the Church of Santa Maria built on the rests of an ancient temple dedicated to Diana, and Colle S. Giorgio offers a particularly suggestive view stretching from the peaks of the Gran Sasso to the beaches of the Teramo coast.

The ruins of an Italic temple have been found on the top of the hill. The numerous excavations include bas-relief brick squares, sculptures and mosaic pieces, slabs decorated with geometrical figures, fibulas, coins etc...

In the village of Piani a child's tomb dating back to the 5th century has been discovered along with a women's tomb including a set of bronze objects dating from the 6th century within the territory of Appignano.

Further rests from the Roman period are can be admired in San Salvatore and Borgo S.Maria

Teramo Turismo

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