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Inspired by historical facts and popular belief, the tradition says that the newborns of Bisenti were handed over to Pontius Pilate. This village situated at foot of the north oriental slope of the Gran Sasso, has ancient origins dating back to pre-Roman times. In Mediaeval times it was included into territory of the abbey of Montecassino and was than handed over to the Lords of Acquaviva, of the Sforza and of the Fallerio. Bisenti has kept several important testimonies of this great history such as the Mother Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli (15th-16th century) counting among the most important basilicas of Abruzzo.

This church has a rectangular one-nave layout and its 40 meters-high bell tower, dominates the main village square. In the inside are treasured 17th century frescoes attributed to Giacinto Diana, Angelo Ronzi and Giuseppe Gianni and a precious 1500 terracotta Madonna degli Angeli, which was executed by Francesco Gagliardelli and considered to be a masterpiece of Abruzzo religious art. Other two churches are worth visiting: the 15th-century church of Sant'Antonio Abate, where a statue of the Patron Saint of animals is kept all year long and the Church of San Pietro.

Characteristic lanes and squares lead to the last of three mediaeval towers remaining from the ancient city walls and jutting over a rich historical centre. There the visitor can stroll between the Fonte Vecchia, the belvedere, the 15th-century abbey house built by the Acquaviva and belonging to the Celestine  Fathers (it bears a 1479 coat of arms on its façade). In the house which is thought to have been of Pontius Pilate an ancient cistern well, that was originally connected to the ancient spring by a series of tunnels and an medieval arcaded loggia, can still admired.

Bisenti is also famous for its folklore, tradition wines and gastronomy. Not to be missed is the annual Revival dell’uva e vino Montonico (Grapes and Montonico Wine Revival), that takes place on the first Sunday of October with its carnival floats and typical local product stands.

Bisenti organises many other festivals such as the Festa di Santa Maria degli Angeli on the 2nd of August, that has become famous for having been described by Gabriele D'annunzio in his “Novelle della Pescara” short stories, the San Pasquale Baylon and San Gabriele dell'Adolorata Festival on the 17th of  May. Finally on 17th of January the San Antonio Abate Festival stages an itinerant representation of “Sant Antonio” reminding ancient costumes and traditions.

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