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Abruzzo ham and 'ddu bbotte' Festival

Basciano is one of the most sensational “balconies” looking over the mountain chain of the Gran Sasso and the Vomano valley. From here a vast and ravishing scenery stretches from Monte Camicia to Monte Prena over the Brancastello and the Pizzo di Intermesoli, from Monte Corvo to the Pizzo di Moscio and as far as the Monti Gemelli.

Like most of the areas built up on the top of hills in mediaeval times, Basciano, as rests of the town walls and of the castle suggest, was once fortified.

Testimonies of the first settlements date back to Iron Age. A proto-historic tomb has been discovered near S.Maria di Basciano and the excavated siliceous arrowheads have allowed to establish that men have been present on this territory for at least 6.000 years. Rests of a necropolis containing numerous tombs richly equipped with bronze and iron objects (dagger, fibulae, discs etc..) have been found in S.Rustico, along the right bank of the Vomano river.

In Lombard times the summit of the hill on which Basciano rises was fortified with walls, from which nothing remains today except the existing restructured Clock Tower, that must have been one of the ancient wall towers. Between the 11th and the 12th centuries  a castle, mentioned in documents from the years 1046 and 1047, was built inside this structure.

The parish Church of San Flaviano dating back to 1073 is worth visiting. Further the Romanesque church of Santa Maria (ad Portum Logum) most likely dating from the 14th century treasures a beautiful ceiling covered with majolica tiles and a precious Baroque 1600 wooden altar.

Gastronomy and Abruzzo folklore lovers shouldn't miss the Sagra del prosciutto (ham festival), which is held each year in august at the same time as the Festival dell'Organetto Ddu botte  (accordion Festival), a traditional musical instrument of the Abruzzo Region.

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